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What if My Veneer Is Whiter Than My Teeth?

Patients of Dr. Kevin Sands (who is often considered the best dentist in Beverly Hills) are consistently treated to unbeatable care. Dr. Sands is celebrated for his ability to craft long-lasting, durable restorations – especially porcelain veneers. These sturdy shells of material are built to emulate the appearance of natural teeth and improve the aesthetic of the smile. In our […]

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Can Custom Porcelain Veneers Transform My Smile?

It’s no secret that porcelain veneers are one of the most popular solutions for enhancing the smile. In fact, a number of celebrities have used porcelain veneers to conceal gaps, misalignments, discoloration, and other imperfections, paving the way for the dazzling smiles we can so easily recognize. Veneers are thin, durable, and versatile. Additionally, they have the major advantage of […]

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Natural Smile Aesthetics

Cosmetic dental patients want a smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and natural looking. But what is aesthetic and natural to one person may not be the same thing to another. Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands will speak with you about your aesthetic goals during your consultation. The results will be as natural looking as possible. It would […]

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